Quick tips: Swift moves into well-functioning remote work

Suddenly the coronavirus is challenging the practices of many organizations. Businesses where distributed work has been occasional or where it has been regular but smaller in numbers are particularly affected by the rapidly changing situation. Difficulties might occur especially in organizations where decentralized work is scarce.

Here are five compact tips to get the remote work going. Keeping everybody’s work goals clear and keeping track of those goals is key when moving to or significantly increasing the number of remote workers.

  1. Remind everyone to be reachable in a mutually agreed manner and at the time agreed upon.
  2. Make sure everyone records their working hours according to the practices of your organization or team.
  3. Have team meetings at least as often as you would in the office – even more closely if possible.
  4. Have check-ins or individual leadership coaching on a regular basis, initially weekly, as you switch to communication with online solutions or over the phone. Catch up between meetings. Giving a call is a good way.
  5. Keep track of goals and progress in each meeting. Focus more on future tasks and goals than looking back.


If your organization does not have existing remote work practices and related agreements, treat the situation caused by the corona as a state of temporary emergency.

Invest in leadership and develop the necessary guidance and contract templates for your organization while adjusting to the situation. There is no point in delaying the transition to decentralized work.

Postscript: If your organization needs help, advice, or consultation on building remote work guidelines and contract templates, leading a decentralized team, or managing an ongoing emergency situation, get in touch!