6 Keys To Healthier Remote Work

Here I am enjoying another work day from home. The pros are easy to declare: My creativity seems to peak between 6 – 9 am so I like to begin the day in my pj’s. That means I have already accomplished a lot while the rest of the work force is still tackling the morning traffic. Also, I get to have a proper nutritious breakfast and lunch. I get to work out during the day. I get to pause and refresh during the day to keep my productivity level high. No one interrupts me so it’s easy to concentrate. I work a lot, but I don’t feel stressed out.

Then there is the shady side: I miss brainstorming with a team. It’s kind of sad that no one stops by to catch up. There are no more good morning wishes or shared lunches with colleagues. Sometimes it’s hard to get a hold of my partners when I need advice. Online meetings are efficient, but often we forget to socialize. Some days I realize that it’s all of a sudden 5 pm and I haven’t been outside or had any lunch since I’ve been remote coaching all day. It’s also difficult to set boundaries because the computer is always ready to go. I seem to throw myself to work and not come back. It’s difficult to switch brain off and just enjoy leisure.

It’s good to think about rules for remote work, just like we have rules for open offices. Here are a few keys that I have found valuable:

1.     Rhythm
One way or another, make yourself stop working. First thing in the morning, decide when the work day will be over. Then put the laptop away and stop checking emails, Teams, Slack etc.

2.     Nutrition
Refuel and nourish yourself properly every 3-4 hours. Keep fresh water on the desk and sip every hour. No snacking on empty calories because they do nothing but give a quick sugar high and then drain all energy.

3.     Ergonomics and moving the body
Get off of that wingchair and put up a good work place. Move around every hour. Get some fresh air at some point.

4.     Social interaction
Make sure you stay in contact with colleagues, not only the customers. Ventilate and cheer each other on.

5.     Consulting each other
Set up a system that makes it easy to reach for help and offer hand. Approach others and be approachable.

6.     Interpersonal communication
Make sure to see each others regularly online and face-to-face. Build rapport in every way possible.


Pirkko Tavaila

Team whisperer, Coach, Mentor, Speaker, Writer

  • 30 years experience of business
  • Integrates business intelligence and holistic wellbeing a success factor in organisations
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Article photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash